Action Soccer
Advanced Civilization
Anvil of Dawn
Comix Zone*
Destruction Derby
EarthWorm Jim
Extreme Pinball
Fuzzy´s World Minigolf
FX Fighter
Heroes of Might & Magic
Hi-Octane (Add-On)
Innocent Until Caught 2: Guilty*
Kingpin Bowling
Little Big Adventure*
Master of Magic
Micromachines 2
Nba Jam T.E.
Need for Speed
On the Ball: W.C.E.
Pc Fútbol 3 Argentina*
Pc Fútbol 4.0*
Pc Fútbol 4.0 Disk*
Pc Mus*
Pizza Tycoon
Psycho Pinball*
Realms of Chaos
Ring of the Magi
Sim Tower
Simon the Sorcerer 2*
Speed Haste
Super Space Invaders
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
The incredible machine 3.0
Touche: 5º Mosquetero*
Ultimate Doom
Worms Plus
Xcom: Terror ft Deep*

(*) En castellano